We would like to thank all those who played an important role that helped enhance the UC-CORO experience and our project. These individuals include but are not limited to:

Participant Sponsors

Sponsor's  Name Sponsor's Title Sponsor's Location
Horst Simon Deputy Laboratory Director for Research LBNL
Mark Matsumoto Dean of Engineering Merced
Karl Engelbach Associate Chancellor & Chief of Staff Davis
Vivian-Lee Nyitray UCEAP Associate Vice Provost & Executive Director UCOP
Talmadge King, Jr. Dean, School of Medicine, Vice Chancellor, Medical Affairs San Francisco
David Phillips AVP Energy & Sustainability UCOP
Sarah Latham Vice Chancellor - Business & Administrative Services Santa Cruz
Tu Tran Asssociate Vice President - Business Operations ANR
Benjamin Hermalin Vice Provost for the Faculty Berkeley
Ralph Hexter Provost Davis
Mary Croughan Executive Director, RGPO UCOP
Kimberly Budil Vice President for National Labs UCOP
Wim Leemans Director, Accelerator Technology & Applied Physics Division LBNL
Julie Henderson Sr. Vice President, Public Affairs UCOP

Project Sponsors

  • Sharon Walker, Ph.D., Interim Dean for College of Engineering, UC Riverside
  • Ron Coley, Vice Chancellor for Business and Administrative Services, UC Riverside

UC Office of the President Leaders

CORO Faculty and Leaders

Campus Stakeholders

Campus Resources

  • Uma Budamagunta, Webmaster, UC Davis
  • Sean David Moody, Web Designer/Developer, Office of Research, UC Davis