Challenges for Leadership Development

Challenges for Leadership Development


  • Few programs specifically for faculty leadership development exist within the University of California.
  • There is a lack of awareness of the programs that are available.
  • Many faculty at the University of California do not receive formal development before stepping into their first leadership role, reducing their potential effectiveness.
  • Many faculty are interested in leadership development, but current high-level administrators often assume this is not the case.
  • A lack of a systematic, transparent processes for identifying new faculty leaders tends to reduce the representation of individuals from underrepresented groups, including women and faculty of color.
  • A lack of clear pipelines for advancement may lead valued faculty to leave UC to attain these opportunities elsewhere.


  • While many faculty are interested in leadership opportunities, there are few ways to develop needed skills for success.
  • Following an “accidental” path into leadership roles, such as being appointed Department Chair with little or no preparation can lead to overall negative perceptions of these roles.
  • The process for being considered for a leadership role is often ad hoc and nontransparent.
  • Time and other academic pressures are significant barriers to interest in leadership development programming.
  • The University may not recognize or reward faculty who spend time on leadership development.
  • Women and members of minority groups are less likely to self-select for leadership roles.


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