Professional Skills

Running Effective Meetings

The goal of this module is for participants to acquire new skills, or refresh or rethink current skills that will enable them to run effective and productive meetings with clear outcomes.

Budgeting and Finance

The goal of this module is to prepare faculty administrators for their budgetary and financial responsibilities in the context of the budgeting processes of both their campus and the University of California system as a whole.

Handling Difficult Conversations/Managing the Unexpected

The goals of this module are to prepare faculty leaders to appropriately handle difficult conversations and manage unexpected situations, such as bullying, personnel issues, conflicts between colleagues, harassment, conflicts of interest, accusations of misbehavior or illegal activities.

Campus/Department Climate Issues, Equity and Inclusion

The goal of this module is to prepare faculty administrators to be effective leaders for equity and inclusion on their campus. They should understand the importance and value of a positive, welcoming, equitable climate as it supports the sense of belonging and success of all campus populations; and understand common types of climate and equity and inclusion issues.

Implicit Bias and Search Committees

Implicit bias concerns thoughts, feelings, attitudes, beliefs, and stereotypes that have the capacity to influence the decisions we make and the actions we take on a subconscious level. The goals of this module are to help individuals understand how everyone has implicit biases, how to recognize them in ourselves and others, and how to prevent them from influencing our decision-making.