UC Fundamentals

An Introduction to the Academic Senate of the University of California

The goals of this module are to orient faculty and other interested individuals to the organization and mission of the Academic Senate, to provide information about what rights and privileges are conferred by membership in the Academic Senate, and how it is an integral partner and plays a vital role in the shared governance of the University of California.

Faculty Administrative Career Pathways

The goals of this module are for mid-career faculty to understand administrative career pathways within the University of California; discuss different ways to prepare for and be appointed to various positions over the course of an academic career; and to consider the pros and cons of potential administrative leadership choices.

Hiring and Mentoring Faculty

Guiding a department through the process of hiring new faculty to sustain the mission of the University is perhaps the most important responsibility a Chair has. Considering that such hiring can mean an investment in someone whose relationship with the University can last decades, it is vital to bring in the very best candidate possible consistent with the superior standards of excellence expected of UC faculty.

Late Career and Transition to Retirement

Mandatory retirement for faculty has been prohibited since 1994. Consequently, many remain active faculty members well into their 70s or even 80s, and the average age of faculty at institutions of higher education has risen dramatically.

Academic Personnel – Academic Advancement Process

The mechanism of advancement at the University of California through the merit and promotion system is perhaps unique among higher education institutions in the world. Through its extensive use of peer review, it is a consummately fair method of evaluation.