Collaborative Decision-making

Collaborative Decision-making

What are the goals of the module?

The goals of this module are to equip faculty with an understanding of the benefits and pitfalls of collaborative decision-making, along with skills to guide the process in an effective and transparent way to achieve positive results.  This module will introduce techniques in formal group decision-making processes, decision support systems, and issues to watch for in group discussion.

Who is the audience for the module?

Mid-career faculty, aspiring faculty leaders and faculty administrators.

Why is the topic important?

As a result of a strong consensus-based culture present in the University, faculty frequently find themselves participating in situations that require a group of peers to collectively make choices from alternatives put before them.  This has potential to be problematic and result in sub-optimal decisions.  Understanding effective approaches that faculty can employ and factors that impact group decision making is important to achieve successful collaborative outcomes throughout a faculty member’s career.

Suggested options for module delivery

  1. In-person workshop with discussion, group role playing, and feedback, including opportunities for faculty to discuss current experiences
  2. Online session with reading and case examples

Resources for developing the module

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